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Breakfast Menu Quick-View:

French Toast Casserole • Breakfast Potatoes • Breakfast Meat • Breakfast Burritos • Quiche • and some of the world's best cinnamon rolls and sticky buns

All About Breakfast:

People say it's the most important meal of the day! They have no idea how right they are! After virtually fasting all night long, the body needs an influx of the four basic building blocks of life (carbohydrates, proteins, lipids, and nucleic acids). Fortunately, these are found in the foods and beverages we eat and drink.

Why not join us for breakfast? We serve many delicious breakfast items all day long – not our complete menu mind you.

Here are some ideas...

• a slice of French Toast Casserole, three pieces of breakfast meat, and a medium coffee

• a fresh, hot breakfast burrito (made in our bakery not a factory out of state) with a sticky bun

• a piece of tomato basil (flavors vary daily) quiche and small hot tea

• you could go all out and order the Mt. Olympus – one of the biggest breakfasts in all of Estes Park out side of a buffet – to date, only one guy has finished it on his own – which includes: a piece of French toast casserole, cheese fritatta, breakfast meat, breakfast potatoes, and a cinnamon roll or sticky bun and a small drink [note: only for the very, very hungry]

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