You Need Pie!™ Too Café: Press Releases: Open House & Harps on the Rocks


Estes Park's Newest Café to Hold Open House & Complimentary Tasting for the Public

Recently remodeled and re-open for just more than a month, Estes Park's newest, full-service café, You Need Pie!™ Too, located at 145 East Elkhorn Avenue plans to hold a complimentary soup and sandwich tasting and open house for the public on Tuesday, 14 December 2010 from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm with entertainment provided by the acclaimed Harps on the Rocks. For the tasting, organic Agave Cashew nut butter sandwiches will be expertly paired with the café's exclusive, scratch Ginger Carrot soup.

Estes Park, CO, USA December 6, 2010 – You Need Pie!™ Too Café will hold an Open House and complimentary Soup and Sandwich Tasting with entertainment provided by Harps on the Rocks from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm on Tuesday, 14 December 2010 at the Café located at 145 E. Elkhorn Avenue in the Park Place Mall in downtown Estes Park. On hand to welcome guests will be the chef of the Café, Rick Thompson, as well as Alex Wieser, the local organic nut butter maker known for Weezr's Butter – an Estes Park farmers market favorite. In addition, You Need Pie!™ Café will become a local retail outlet for Weezr's butter selling a wide variety of flavors and taking orders for holiday gift baskets. Providing entertainment for the affair will be Harps on the Rocks, the trio of Connie Dedon, Rebecca Hazlitt, and Karolee McLaughlin known throughout the front range for their exceptional performances of folk, Celtic, classical, sacred, and secular music.

"We were all very excited when the pieces of the puzzle including our most successful new scratch soup, Alex's Weezr nut butter, and an agreement by Harps of the Rocks to provide the entertainment all came together to allow us to put forth what we believe will be a very special occasion. We hope this event will the start of great things to come, and that our first open house, since the remodel was completed, will be as welcoming, enjoyable, and warm as possible," said Scooter Thompson, Café manager.

In addition to enjoying the festivities, patrons will be able to place orders for Weezer's Butters Holiday gift packs and You Need Pie!™ Too Café Christmas Eve Dinners to Go.

About The Estes Park Pie Shop & Bakery and You Need Pie!™ Too Café
We opened our first shop, the Estes Park Pie Shop & Bakery, on the east end of Elkhorn Avenue in April of 2008 and fulfilled our life-long dream of owning and operating a small business in Estes Park where we grew up. Ever since, we have worked to fulfill our bakery business principles:
we bake using time-tested recipes – most handed down from our mothers & grandmothers – the finest ingredients, and devotion to the culinary arts at high altitude
we strive to please every guest of our shops with our assortment of the freshest and most delicious baked goods, prices that befit the economy, and customer service second to none
We follow the 'Making Grandma Proud philosophy'. Every issue that arises has a quick solution. We ask, "What would make our grandmothers proud?" This simple question has profound implications. It guides as well as inspires us.
Val Thompson Scooter Thompson
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About Weezr's Nut Butters
Made locally in Estes Park, CO, Alex Wieser has been making organic nut butters for more than two years. Her the varieties are now for sale all along the front range from Estes Park to Fort Collins. Weezr's Organic Butters are made with F.L.O. (fresh, local, organic) and are, therefore, good for you and good for the earth.
Alex Wieser
Weezr's Organic Butters

About Harps on the Rocks
Harps on the Rocks is a Harp Trio, made up of Connie Dedon, Rebecca Hazlitt, and Karolee McLaughlin which performs Folk, Celtic, Classical, Sacred and Secular Music music for Weddings, Celebrations of Life, and Special Occasions on the harp.
Connie Dedon or Karolee McLaughlin
Harps on the Rocks
Estes Park, CO
970.586.4078 (Connie)
303.747-0814 (Karolee)


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